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The Internet has delivered a flood of email, instant messages, and web pages to us all, but little has been done to help us preserve and retrieve this information. Email programs choke on overstuffed mail boxes. Instant messages are gone forever with the end of the conversation. Databases demand a structure that this information simply does not posses. Search engines show too little information about too many items. Web pages disappear or change so often that bookmarks soon become useless.

Copernican Technologies, Inc. was founded to solve this problem. Boswell® flexibly archives, organizes, manipulates, and retrieves any text you give it: original writings, web clippings, research, class notes, e-mail, blogs, tweets, and instant messages among others. When they are "Boswellized" they become items that can be automatically cross referenced among thousands of categories, grouped, sorted, and searched in very powerful ways. Boswell is like hiring a professional librarian to manage an archive of all your personal information, but one that works with the efficiency of a computer.

Boswell is ideally suited for any "word worker," including: students, writers, lawyers, journalists, researchers, technical writers, executive recruiters, business people, and government professionals.

Boswell 4.0.1 is a Mac OS X application that will also run on OS 9.

Copernican Technologies, Inc. creates tools for information archiving, organization, and retrieval.

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